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 the way of Migrations & the door and Happiness

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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مُساهمةموضوع: the way of Migrations & the door and Happiness    الإثنين ديسمبر 20, 2010 2:50 pm

the way of Migrations & the door and Happiness

Written by :DR/ Fuad Azzam

In the name of God the Merciful
I tried to write about the migration of Prophet from Mecca to the madena and have a great impact not only in the history of Islam or in the history of the Arabs but also in the history of the world; as this migration has launched the blessed guidance of hand, in the land Vansab people know that appreciate the minds of the right of conversion to monotheism, and appreciate their humanity, including fitting out if internalized human morality that was brought by Islam, and tried to derive lessons from the events of the noble, what I was able to get a new, or snipe Creda, and made the running around on my books represented above Antara:
Are poets of the left Mitrdm
Do you know or just after the Dar-
While running around the ear of God with patience after the events, and Belanes after the wilderness, Fberq before my eyes the book invaluable, a great benefit, a Single Imam Ibn Jawziyyah may God have mercy on him, but this book is the subject of immigration related, but two links, the migration was one, in this book Ahjrtan, This is clear from the title: ((through the door of immigration and Saad)).
This book is one of the books of Imam Ibn Qayyim God's mercy that slalom in the world of serenity, spiritual and sinks in a sea of mysticism Allchi, a kind of mysticism has a share of his name, but it is almost accounted for the name (Sufism) the whole, it is the right serenity in harmony, both in its source Alraiq, the Koran and the true year, or in the texts and the statements of his men, which is rumored stem from the Koran, or in the wake watchdog each understand an outsider tarnishes the image of cultural values that are enshrined in Islam, which makes Sufism a form without spirit, and look, not its substance, and Islam is idle with no movement no benefit.
Shows the imam may God have mercy on him cause named for his book of that name, pointing out that Muslim slave near Rabbo, who felt his presence in Alname and prosperity sense in adversity and affliction, and senses the presence of his Lord, when obedience Vijlsa him, meaning, and when sin Veraoy doing them, this is recognized the Lord that if he saw people remember to obey their Lord, live his life immigrants, yes, he says I'm the values God's mercy ((all the time Ahjrtan: Migration to God's request, love and slavery and trust in Allah and delivery, commissioning and fear, hope and turning to Him and sincere turning to the lack in all the same to him.
And the migration to the messenger peace be upon him in the cantonments and moves outward and inward, so that the approval of the laws ... and does not accept a God we have something similar, as all else Fiec self-defense, not luck Zaad)) nor is it than good in the Hereafter.
In this context, speaks of the imam may God have mercy on him from returning Permanent to God, and the representation continued to Him, and what it includes representation from the meaning of migration and the transition from event to event, and talking God's mercy on (representation) is not talk of calling her and urging them, but is a modern World auditor, investigator and diver, he divides the people in Inapthm to their Lord to the types, not only this even shows the source of each type of this species, which caused him to descend.
Some of them sued to God the sins and offenses and sins and declares his repentance of them and get rid of the darkness and weight, and the reason for this representation is usually remember rejoicing and punishment of Allaah, and clothing and tyranny, and Munib in this case may pave the Lord to leave the sins and evil deeds, and worship of the best acts of worship, but stated in effect that it kind of charity, in the hadeeth: ((refrain from doing evil, it has a charity))
There are some people promoted in Inapth a greater degree than its predecessor not only leave the taboo, but delegate the God to enter into the types of worship and colors of good deeds is a rush in the pleasure of his Lord, love, satisfaction, and pleasure the popularity of what pleases him, and this type of representation is motivated by the strongest is the hope of mercy God and greed for reward and to get satisfaction.
The Munib third Visbak brothers degree even though he is leaving the taboos and worked hard in worship and acts of worship but Inapth frequently remembrance of Allah and the large number of supplication to him and to pray and show the lack of, and demand needs, all from Him before resorting to the creatures, and the strongest motivation to him for that is that he saw the virtue of God's wide and grace from Him come perfect , both outward and inward, and its ability Unlimited, and manage the unimpeded Fahadah his heart, mind and under her feet to make the name of the Lord on the list of officials, and to be open the doors of his master first Almtrouguin.
The Munib Fourth, change all of them where the assumption by the highest degree of representation, is a servant had returned to Zaki, the same acts of worship until werent his soul to its source, and contacted Bmutnha first in the Pleroma they had regretted her to the Creator, and was reassured in the vicinity of the maker, and if her home from the body home the shepherd of his flock, all members of the body has regretted her Binaptha, and migrated in the parade of migration, there is no exception to this is the way, not eager prey close to the violation of the Covenant.
This may explain the words of the mother of believers Aisha, may Allah be pleased I was asked for the creation of the Prophet peace be upon him, said the Koran was created. Yes, his behavior was all peace be upon him represents the principles of the Qur'an and shows a live talk in front of viewers.
Perhaps this division of Imam Ibn Qayyim may God have mercy on him cast a glimmer of light on the hadith Qudsi: ((And My servant continues to draw near to Me with supererogatory works until I love him, if I loved you heard which he hears, his seeing with which he sees, his hand with which he strikes and his foot with which he walks )). The slave moved from event to event and from lower to higher to higher than him in the proximity of Allah until he arrived at this degree of love. What a degree.
If the migration route, which occurs by Imam Ibn al-Qayyim on this march upward, and if moving up the grades of Jihad place great, it is jihad of the soul in worship to God to leave the taboo, to the persistence in the trouble Almsaberp the purpose of increasing their good deeds, to the struggle of the sustainability of the remembrance of Allah at every location of the citizen lives, even if regretted her spirit, and migrated members from airstrips and slope, jihad was to preserve this class is the greater jihad, hence the call forward on this Munib to warn and then warn.
Yes; because if he fell again, he tasted the manifest loss, and spiritual torment painful ((and tortured in his punishment did not punish him with one of the worlds, Sometimes deficit distressed and saddened, and death distress and grief, and in the Hereafter, unfortunately, and regret)), and no strength except in Allah Most High Great.
One of the most pictures of this psychological torture whereby he suffers pain whenever he sees his friends who gave up their way underdeveloped and his predecessors, it is with ignorance Vilzz in sin and evil is ignorance, nor was he who informed, benefit from his knowledge, he is still her Green Group victory, bewildered disturbed, and portrayed by Imam Ibn al-Qayyim in sending distress , and awaken anguish, where lookalike Balbazi - a genus of hawks - which he was preparing himself master of Riyadh, and the king of deserts, flying wings, where he wants, at any place between heaven and earth, describes its wings and Iqdinma, and tracking fishing there is no escape from the claws, he is not free from its beak Garah, and then stricken with a calamity, therefore, lose its wings and Istekin, and lying on the ground look to the horizon spacious, to headbands birds pacing, and having fun, and fun, then look at the wings Alkseren look filled with grief and regret, it is one of the creatures of the earth are going on two legs to be able to live among them, nor is Able to fly in his native Vlamrk those living neither die nor live.
Thus, our friend who Oazza obeying God, and gone a long way away and Artex in the heat of sin, and ataxia in the mud of sins, ((His heart was swirling around the throne unfortunately became trapped in the mower:
Became Kalpazi Almentv feathers
See sorrows whenever a bird flew
It was a long time in Riyadh Mnama
He likes all that is capable of fishing
To be hit by a lifetime of calamity
Bringing the clipped-wing bare
... Via an exhibition about his life of permanent and Blessing resident, and what a salesman pleased Great painful punishment, ... it is a pleasure is transient, and lust terminates, go to the traumatized and the remainder followed, happy hour is not a month, and distressed years and even ages, delicious food poisoned, Ole thrill , and loss, etc.)).
As I indicated at the start of speech: The Sufism Ibn al-Qayyim stems from a source closely relates to a strong rope, and Imitah of a particular net, as evidenced by the fact that the above-mentioned conception of migration of self, and Astjlaih some sense, and warned of the related negative impacts .. all those not only opened divine fell upon the son of the values from the words of the Prophet peace be upon him: ((after the conquest of the desolate, but Jihad and the intention)).
All of the above does not come out by the Department of jihad of the soul even commended, and jihad will even be exclusive to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.
What desperately needs a Muslim of this age, especially the beleaguered high walls of the production of modern civilization to the audit of its heritage, the spiritual, to hiking in the sport of spacious, so that if not him that BEADS spiritual layer, to display the same disease, but the ills of this civilization oblique, from the darkness of the soul, and the tyranny of thought, and the greed of material, and animal need, and disregard for the principles to the gains, and disregard for values, if conflicted with the interests .... say what you want, and do not fear this happened to you.
Yes, what if the lender has to type to one of the four types of migration Narrated by Imam Ibn values of God's mercy, and at that let the competitors compete.

مرحبا بك فى منتديـــات بــــــــــروف فياض
تم إنشاء المنتدى بهدف حفظ كل ما تحتاج الية
من برامج واسلاميات ومنوعات فى شتى المجالات
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خاص بك وتأكد انة لن يتم حذف ما قمت برفعة طالما
فى حدود الآداب العامة ولا يخالف الأسلام

[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط]

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مُساهمةموضوع: رد: the way of Migrations & the door and Happiness    الإثنين ديسمبر 20, 2010 10:00 pm

Thank you very much for this wonderful translation. This translation is going to teach me a lot, I wish you luck and success
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the way of Migrations & the door and Happiness
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